Black Friday 2015 is THIS FRIDAY, NOV. 27th! HORIZON RECORDS will open at 8AM; all you have to do is pour in early and all day. Join us in pursuit of music, hangin out and good times!
August 24, 2015

Greetings Friends Near and Far!

Yes, quite unbelievably it’s Holiday time again. We give thanks for what we have whether it’s plentiful bounty or just enough to get by. We hope you are gathering to break bread with some family and friends and take in some restful moments on Thursday. THEN it’s time to re-coop and re-group to do BLACK FRIDAY and some Thanksgiving weekend music shopping action!

Move over Wal-Mart, Target and Best Buy, we have RECORDS here and we know how to use ‘em! Like last year, Horizon will open at 8am, unveiling a whole slew of limited edition releases. We’ve ordered up and are expecting to have various quantities of LP’s, 10” collectible picture sleeve singles, box sets, and CDs.

There’ll be a slew of special offers, giveaways, bonus swag, our pals at The Bohemian Café will be here all day with us to fortify you with coffee and other independent-retail-shopping nourishment, and there’ll be just plain good times to be had in ye olde record store as we kick off the Holiday Season. Gasp! It’s our 40th!  Like last year’s “whoop whoop”, WE WILL OPEN at 8AM so y’all can paw through crate loads of LIMITED EDITION Black Friday EXCLUSIVES .

Gene sez: “BRAD MEHLDAU rules the day, again!”
November 24, 2015

“Ever since 1995 when I first heard the first track on BRAD MEHLDAU’s first CD Introducing Brad Mehldau and forward 20 years to this release he has consistently been one of my all-time favorite musicians (and composer, band leader, improviser, jazz and classical thinker). It’s my belief that he is one of the greatest, most amazing and visionary artists currently living amongst us. His playing on this extraordinary new 4CD live compilation, 10 Years Solo Live, only fuels the fire in my brain; hours of uncompromising, delightful, startling, exciting, unspeakable sonic beauty drawn from a concert piano.

Whether it’s the touching slow familiar refrain intro of his epic 16 minute version of Beatles “And I Love Her” or in the darkly droning density it evolves into before the finish, it’s all Mehldau. thank God! This release is another jewel in his long catalogue of must have CDs, for me anyway. His brilliant and magical jazz improvising and obvious enchantment with Chopin-esque and Brahms-ian classical beauty only makes things worse for me. I love this music like I love JS Bach, strong black coffee and the colors of autumn. Thank you Brad Mehldau.”  – gene berger.

Tower of Song is a series of FREE CONCERTS at Horizon Records or in our adjoining Bohemian Cafe, truly a unique listening and performing experience for artists and audience.

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