The new DESTROYER album is awesome, and we can prove it.
August 25, 2015

Our all-wise, all-knowing amazing sound-man and all around musical guru Steve McGowan was kind enough to jot down his thoughts on the new DESTROYER album, Poison Season (from our friends at Merge Records, of course), their first since the surprise hit Kaputt in 2011.  And we can’t help but agree.

“Well, I’m not going to pretend that I’m a Destroyer fan. I know they have released a number of records. I don’t own any of them. I know Dan Bejar as the super-weird Uncle Dan in the Canadian pop-rock super-group The New Pornographers. His songs on all their records (he usually gets two or three per CD) are always inventive, clever, sexy, and a great foil to Carl Newman’s precise pop craftsmanship.

I can’t comment on the growth of Bejar’s sound or compare contrast this record with his other 10 or however many there are. I CAN tell you that this record – by Destroyer (a band that is essentially Dan Bejar) called Poison Season – is a collection of songs that has completely entranced and bewitched me. I listened to this record seven times in a row yesterday. I’m totally addicted to it.

The thing about the music on Poison Season is that it reminds me of nothing, absolutely nothing I hear today. But the music pushes all my buttons. The obvious references are David Bowie (I hear the Hunky Dory album being mentioned, but I’m more inclined to think he’s reaching backwards to the David Bowie (later called Space Oddity) record with major, major doses of Young Americans.

Saturday, Sept. 5th, Horizon Records & The Bohemian Café present LAURIE ANTONIOLI, performing the music of JONI MITCHELL!
July 24, 2015

By any definition of the term, singer, songwriter, musician, and producer LAURIE ANTONIOLI  is a Big Deal. She’s toured with saxophonist Joe Henderson, collaborated with pianist George Cables, and has served both as Professor of the Vocal Department at KUG University’s Jazz Institute in Austria and as director of the California Jazz Conservatory in Berkeley. Imagine the classic jazz vocalist a la Sarah Vaughn or Sheila Jordan blended with Norah Jones or Diana Krall.

And she would be the first to tell you that the legendary JONI MITCHELL was where it all started.

“Joni was my inspiration when I was in high school,” Antonioli writes in the liner notes of her remarkable Joni Mitchell tribute album, Songs Of Shadow, Songs Of Light. “For forty years I’ve been a jazz singer, though my roots have always seeped through the cracks, with Joni at the heart of it all.”

Laurie talks about what Joni Mitchell’s music means to her. 

And we’re thrilled to have Laurie bring some of that Joni magic & jazz vibe to The Bohemian on Sept. 5th. Bringing together the skill of a jazz singer and the passion of a fan, Antonioli has created an amazing homage to one of the most influential people of her career (and our world as music fans, of course.)

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