ZAP POW “This Is Reggae Music” – stone killa 1970’s reggae


Unbelievable compilation of stone killa 1970’s reggae. Powerful, soulful and full of low down low note purity in Jamaican dub tinged funkiness. Formed in 1970 by David Madden (trumpet), Dwight Pinkney (guitar), and Mike Williams (bass). Grew with the additions of Glen DaCosta (tenor sax), Joe McCormack (trombone), Danny McFarlane (organ), and Max Edwards (drums). Edwards departed the band in 1977 and was replaced by drummer Cornell Marshall. Singers Winston “King” Cole, Prilly Hamilton, and Beres Hammond all fronted the band at one time or another, but Zap Pow was at heart primarily an instrumental configuration, and while its live shows were legendary, it was a crack studio session band. Zap Pow had a minor hit on Hammond’s watch with “The System ” in 1978 and a massive one with “This Is Reggae Music” for producer Harry J. Combined with trombonist Vin Gordon, Madden and DaCosta were frequently billed as the Zap Pow Horns, and worked with Bob Marley in that capacity for a time. Last War: Best Of collects singles the band released between 1972 and 1980, is a good starting point to get a sense of this exciting group, which mined a synthesis of reggae, jazz, funk, and soul well before such a concept became fully accepted. “This is reggae music/Welcome to the sound/You need to look no further/The universe is found” Listen to Zap Pow

Owner, founder, resident Mahler fanatic since 1975. Loves jazz, bluegrass, worldbeat, and old geezer blues rock by Canned Heat or Johnny Winter. Obsessed with 60’s and 70’s era John Lee Hooker. Don’t ask him about the Eagles.

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