MAX RICHTER ‘Memoryhouse’


‘Memoryhouse’ — a gorgeous collection of Classically-inclined original pieces by composer Max Richter — was initially released in 2002 on the BBC’s short-lived Late Junction label, has long been out of print until last week. The project is structured around a basic theme which recurs in various transformations throughout, drawing inspiration from real and imagined events from the last century, the music of Mahler, Bach, Messaien, Beethoven, Cage, The Beatles, as well as Max’s work with electronic music. “In my music often I’m trying to understand something, or tell a story about it, or to ask a question. memoryhouse is about looking at what has gone before and making it new, about putting things together. My first musical memories: the sound of Bach, Pollini playing Chopin op.10, Pink Floyd’s Interstellar Overdrive, being stunned by Abbey Road, The Rite of Spring, Philip Glass’ Music with changing parts, The Clash, hearing the filter open up on the bass line of Autobahn.”

MAX RICHTER “‘Memoryhouse”

Owner, founder, resident Mahler fanatic since 1975. Loves jazz, bluegrass, worldbeat, and old geezer blues rock by Canned Heat or Johnny Winter. Obsessed with 60’s and 70’s era John Lee Hooker. Don’t ask him about the Eagles.

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